At ArtServ, we offer a wide range of services in the field of art. Art that comes in many forms, materials and expressions, for different applications and moments.

Whether you’re looking for a rental collection for your company, the interior design of a real estate project, the organization of an exhibition, a presentation on art for your staff, a work of art as a business gift, advice on your collection, the collaboration with a promising artist, Or you are an artist yourself who is looking for a broader platform,

ArtServ is the right partner! 

Real Estate projects 

We supervise and facilitate interior projects, and advise architects on how to apply art and design in their projects. We focus on worldwide hospitality and retails projects such as hotels, shopping centers, residential projects, holiday parks. Application of the right Art can be such an inspiration. In our own frame shop the art works will be professionally framed, made to measure.

Support artists 

We guide and support young and/or promising artists in various areas. We offer opportunities to present their art or apply it in various projects and expressions. For example, we include their works in the rental collection or use their artworks in/for interior design projects. Or find a partner for the publication/production of their art. This can be very broad, form traditional art, to 3D projects, and applied art, for example. LED neons, skate decks, clothing, and utensils.

Profit is not the starting point here.

Art Rentals 

ArtServ is specialized in Art Rentals, especially for businesses, which is possible from 10 works.  We have a stock of up to 1,000 works of art, from various disciplines. By using art, we create a personal atmosphere in business and hospitality spaces. With the correct selection of art, we create a personal atmosphere.

Art Sales Services 

Do you have an interesting collection for sale, or are you looking for something special for your collection ? We connect you with the right partners.

Affordable Art

We believe that art should be accessible and affordable for a broad group. So we focus also on affordable art from $50, up to any price…