BANKSY – Record Album Cover We Love You….So Love Us

Size 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Cover Design Banksy
Not signed
Label: We Love You – AMOUR 1 LP
Offset lithography on double-sided record sleeve and record label, with accompanying 12 ” vinyl record,
(lease) price on request
Along with Hombre records, Banksy had an ongoing relationship with the record label Wall of Sound. There were actually three releases from these Various Artists albums. I This was the only one released on vinyl with a Banksy cover, whoever can get it is a big lucky one. Rage, Flower Thrower is a painting of a man with a headscarf and a baseball cap throwing a bouquet of flowers. The man and the flowers are wrapped in black and white; the flowers and stems protruding from the wrapper are colored, reminiscent of images from the 1960s campus and street riots. There is anger and frustration in the attitude of the man bombarding the establishment with flowers.