ORIGINAL CORNELIUS QUABECK (German 1974) – Liam Gallagher chimp

ca.230 x 160 cm
Charcoal on canvas
From: Menniskans Cousiner 31
Liam emerging as a chimp, man’s cousin

Diptych of two portraits of Liam Gallagher – both works available
Linnaeus`Fundamenta botanica (1736): There are as many species as the Infinite Being produced diverse forms in the beginning.Liam Gallagher,founder of Oasis, lives up to this idea .That is why Quabeck,wants to unite the animal and the man. He measured him the ears of a chimpanzee in order to allow him to transcend the human straitjacket in a supernatural way.
Provenance: Galerie Nagel Draxler Berlin
(lease) price on request