ORIGINAL DRAWING – Für “Die Deutsche Liebe”

Sheet 29×33 cm
Composition of a Pencil drawing and 3 mounted serigraphy color samples on a sheet.
Monogrammed and dated lower right.
See Sheehan, 42. – The pencil drawing is obviously an instruction for the printing of the color screenprint “German Love”, published in 1968 by Rolf-Günter Dienst in an edition of 100 numbered copies (plus Roman numbered 20 artist’s proofs) has been. The letters “S (Schwarz), G (Gelb), R(Rot)“ in the outline drawing of Indiana’s most famous design correspond to the color patterns in black, yellow and red stuck on below. These and the dimensions mentioned in the heading “For ‘Die Deutsche Liebe’ 56 x 56” correspond exactly to the screen printing printed by Domberger.
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